EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Black Coast Go Black (And White) With “Ill Minds” Video

There's something timeless about a good old-fashioned black and white music video. You can probably think of ten off the top of your head. Eschewing colour and frivolity, the grainy, gritty monochrome video doesn't take away from the heart and heft of the track behind it, giving the music a visual aid that never overpowers the riff. Today, we're psyched to bring you a brand new video, in this style, from one of the UK's brightest new 'core bands, Black Coast. Don't expect a narrative or outlandish concept, as previously mentioned this is a no fuss view of the band in their element - playing riffs in the dark and being moody as fuck.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Watch Old Faith Capture Urban Magic With “Switchbacks” Video

We've been on your case for a while now with our idea of the "East Coast" movement in post-rock so I won't bore you again with the details of the community that's been growing there (and extending their reach to the West Coast as well as Europe and beyond). Suffice it to say, for now, that Old Faith are very much a part of that scene; they play a sort of heavy post-rock (although this track is a bit more dreamy), with the bass turned up loud and artwork by Brian Morgante (otherwise known as Deadhorse and featuring heavily on the covers of albums from this scene). If you've been paying attention, you already know based on those facts that I love them. And, indeed, their upcoming self titled release is a pure joy for fans of this kind of post-rock. Thus, I am delighted to premiere today the excellent video for "Switchbacks" off of that selfsame album. Head on over the jump!

VIDEO PREMIERE: Let the “Swarming Lights Surround You” With Radiant Knife’s New Video

It's no secret by now that I'm a sucker for emotional doom; when you take that slow, feedback laden drawl and marry it to clean vocals and plenty of atmosphere instead of abrasive weight, I'm all there for it. There's just something about that combo that gets me every time. It's no surprise then that I'm all over Radiant Knife's latest release, Science Fiction. Released on August 8th, it's chock full of riffs, great vocals and an overall approach to doom and stoner that gets right down to the core of why the genre work so well. Thus, I'm proud to premiere their video for "Swarming Lights Surround You" today, an excellent track showcasing the strengths of the album in general!