It’s been nearly six years since we were absolutely floored by Uneven Structure‘s debut album Februus. It was a perfect storm of ambition, atmosphere, and emotional/conceptual depth that made it tower above the array of djent records that dropped in the early 2010’s. Depending on who you ask, it may be the best record that has ever come out of that scene. 

The follow up La Partition is no slouch, either. Dropping this month (F I N A L L Y!) , the record continues to expand upon the conceptual universe Februus built with music following suit; the record is structured into three movements, yet playing from beginning to end as a continuous listening experience. Februus‘ cinematic scope remains, but La Partition‘s focus is turned outward where its predecessor was introspective and touched on the concepts of self-actualization and transcendence. 

I don’t want to say La Partition is upbeat (things get pretty dark in the third act), but there’s definitely a palpable change in tone overall to something more urgent. The track “Crystal Teeth” is a prime example of the vibe of La Partition; it’s the album’s third track and tail end of the first movement. It’s psychedelic and hypnotic in its early moments before exploding into Uneven Structure’s ethereal take on prog, featuring a passionate and previously uncharacteristic guitar solo in its bridge. 

Check out the brand new video for the track below:

Shedding a bit more light on this track’s place within the album, the band had this to say about its concept and place in the greater theme of the album:

Crystal Teeth closes the first tier of the album and takes place right before our previous video Incube. As our character gets caught up running away from the mermaids’ call, he digs down to his very first memories, what defines his self, in an effort to keep substance and not cave in to their appeal. Crystal Teeth​ belongs to the brighter end of the album’s spectrum, revealing the most rock impregnated riffs we’ve got there.

La Partition drops April 21st via Long Branch Records. Pre-orders are currently available at this location. Don’t act like you’re not excited. 

In case you missed it, you can get another taste of La Partition with “Incube” here


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