These posts are written by: Noyan

200 – Marx In The Streets, Foucault In The Sheets

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! It’s finally here! The 200th episode! And of course we decide to do something especially dumb with it. We’ve chosen 64 philosophers, and we do a bracket to determine who is the best of them. Bullshit philosophy time to the max! But for real. But not really. Enjoy!

199 – Aest-Ethics

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! Are we going to run out of topics to talk about when there’s no new? Maybe, but that won’t stop us! We can just do random philosophy instead! I mean, there’s Mike Shinoda doing some Linkin Park related stuff on Twitch, Insomnium announcing a stream, War From a Harlot’s Mouth remastering Transmetropolitan, and that new Sweven release… So I guess there really isn’t that much. But there’s a new Tantacrul video, and we discuss the intersection of music, programming, design and philosophy. Then, cool people time with Upload, Oxygen Not Included, and more Warhammer. Enjoy!

198 – Saltwater Sauna

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week we talk about Devin Townsend’s coronavirus concert, Wintersun’s Patreon (and compare the two), Clutch’s livestreams, Obscura’s lineup changes, The Ghost Inside’s new track, Ulcerate and Trivium’s new albums, then I try to argue that Eden’s Golden Age Of Metal is over. Then, cool people time with Cloudpunk, Heat Signature and Devs. Enjoy!

197 – Paolo Gregoletto of Trivium

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This I got the opportunity to talk to Paolo Gregoletto, bass player for Trivium. I’m sure fans of the cast can appreciate how big a deal this is for me, and excuse my initial nervousness. We talk about how the pandemic has affected his life as a musician and the album release cycle, the writing and recording process, how their creativity is transformed into a recording, and what they are planning on doing for the release of the album throughout this situation. What The Dead Men Say is awesome, and it comes out this Friday! Enjoy!

196 – The Marxorcism

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week we talk about a variety of old live shows suddenly popping up on YouTube, an album announcement from Enslaved, and new material by Benighted and Fit For An Autopsy. Then, cool people time with Half-Life 1 VR but the AI is self aware, Half-Life Alyx, and Tales from The Loop. Enjoy!

Trivium – What the Dead Men Say

Trivium have had a colorful career. From blowing up in 2005 with their sophomore release Ascendancy to creating a widely beloved genre-defying masterpiece in Shogun, they’ve known various heights of acclaim. In Waves is also generally quite well-lived, but then things got a bit shakier. They went through various drummers, frontman Matt Heafy had problems with his voice, and some of their albums weren’t as widely appealing as their older work. To some, this might sound like the story of a band past their prime. That’s not necessarily true, as none of their albums in this period were bad per se, but the reception from the fans was more mixed. Every new album would get compared to heights of previous releases.

All of that changed in 2017; things took a turn. With the release of The Sin And The Sentence everything seemed to align and bring the band to new heights. They found a new drummer that elevated their sound in Alex Bent, they found a new sound that elevated their recent trajectory, and Matt’s Twitch streaming career took off, growing the band’s audience in new ways. Of course, with every major milestone album in a band’s career, one question lingers: What happens next?

195 – What The Dead Meme Say

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week we talk about Trivium, Aeternam, Azure Emote, Umbra Vitae, Haken, Allegaeon, The Raven Autarchy, Ron Jarzombek and Jacob Collier. Then, cool people time with Ozark, Invisible Man and Revenant Gun by Yoon Ha Lee. Enjoy!

194 – Ok Doomer

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week we talk about the Slipknot BBC show, and new material by Oranssi Pazuzu, Behold… The Arctopus, and Caligula’s Horse. Then, DOOM ETERNAL. Enjoy!

PREMIERE: Symbolik Unleash the “Augury of Ancients”

There’s undeniably a lot of tech death coming out these days, which is great for the genre, but also it makes it harder for artists to stand out. Symbolik might be a name that people who had their ear to the ground near the beginning of the last decade might remember. After a very solid debut in 2011 with Pathogenesis, they laid low, with the exception of a single. Now, they’re back with a full length album, and it’s very exciting. Flourishes of neoclassical virtuosity and fast drumming hit just that right spot. Emergence will be coming out on Artisan Era on the 10th of April, and we’re happy to bring you the latest single, “Augury of Ancients”.

193 – Sexual Doorknobs

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week we talk about the live stream by Code Orange, then new material by Sutrah, Svengahli, Black Crown Initiate, Scarab, Lychgate, and Aversions Crown. Then, Ori and the Will of the Wisps and Altered Carbon. Enjoy!