Fans of my entries to the Grind My Gears franchise (it’s a franchise now; deal with it) will recognise the name Dark Habits and should be instantly brought back to memories of harsh, devastating bursts of hyper violence and crust. The best kind of noise around. They’ve barely scratched the surface of the Earth with their very recently released debut but look set to tunnel right through the crust of the planet itself. It’s only fitting that Heavy Blog debuts the brand new video from these Glaswegian d-beat bastards because it’s heavy, it’s grim and it’s sweaty as fuck; I speak for myself when I admit that I’m definitely a great example of the latter.

“Porcelain Dreams” is maybe my favourite rager from the Cave Paintings EP, with a rich barrage akin to Trap Them and a bludgeoning, carnal finalé. To get all Tumblr for a minute, the aesthetic of the quick cut editing and monochrome palette couldn’t fit more snugly. As to what the “Porcelain Dreams” of the dripping hero of the story are, it’s anyone’s guess. What is very clear though is that everyone in the band is smashing fuck out of their respective instruments/vocal chords. This type of video will never get old and when it’s shot so close to the band and their instruments it really pulls you into the song. You can feel every single drop of sweat hit you as they shake and grind.

I can’t think of a Scottish act that make this kind of noise sound so damn addictive and with a pro shot performance cut to their name, their share potential is out of this world. Spread it around like a dose of Clyde chlamydia. Infect everyone you know. Grab Cave Paintings here for whatever you want or pick it up on limited as hell cassette tape. Do it.


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