Of the brilliant debut albums 2015 brought us, few stuck an emotional chord quite like Our Oceans‘ self titled record did. Although one might argue that few debut albums were also nearly as unexpected, given that the musicians behind the project were previously known for their roles in heavily jazz-influenced progressive metal bands Exivious and Cynic. However, in contrast to the guitar wizardry and technicality found in the works of those two bands, Our Oceans’ debut featured dreamy, lush soundscapes, taking the listener on an intensely emotional journey throughout its ten tracks. But the band’s jazz background brought with it a subtle musical complexity, before being vividly brought to life by expressive singing from vocalist/guitarist Tymon Kruidenier. Of the many memorable moments on the album, “Tangled” was a particularly obvious highlight from start to finish; and today, we have the pleasure of premiering its music video for you.

Inspired by the fallout from a long distance relationship of Kruidenier’s, “Tangled” depicts what is unfortunately all too familiar a feeling for many of us: that of the intense heartbreak that follows similarly intense love, and the difficulty of coping with it as the days go by. To be trapped within the confines of nostalgia, dreams, and longing, with no apparent way out — spending sleepless nights trying to rationalize what has come to pass, struggling to let go of it in the first place.

The music video, beautifully put together by director Job Kuizenga, depicts all this and more: the trips through memories and dreams, as the two intertwine until they might as well be indistinguishable. The visuals are simply breathtaking, vividly bringing the story of “Tangled” to life. Kruidenier’s heart-rending solo in particular lends itself incredibly well to the eventual climax, as the music video’s protagonist’s nostalgic dreams turn into the most painful of nightmares.

Our Oceans can be purchased through the band’s website or digitally on Bandcamp.

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