Mosh Lit // May 2021

Welcome to Mosh Lit, our new monthly column on storytelling in the world of metal.  Given the smashing success of Godzilla vs Kong last month, it seems appropriate to kick off this column contemplating... Read More...

Editors’ Picks // May 2021

What a month! May was arguably the most stacked month of the year thus far, and as you’ll see from the picks below, incredibly well-rounded as well. Our top picks include everything from The Armed’s noise-pop-meets-post-hardcore to Spectral Lore’s latest prog... Read More...

Heavy Buys // May 2021

Last month's vinyl purchases worth highlighting, featuring Deftones, Mastodon, Pupil Slicer, Show Me A Dinosaur, and Veil of Maya! Plus: Eden's T-shirt corner, featuring Protest the Hero.

The Anatomy Of: Noctambulist

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Noctambulist conjure blackened and atmospheric death metal, pulling inspiration from Disgorge, Ulcerate, Isis, and more.

While She Sleeps – Sleeps Society

Along with being one of the best modern metal and hardcore bands in the game, While She Sleeps have always been about fan support and self determination. Throughout their somewhat volatile career the band have continued to climb the ranks of contemporary hea... Read More...