Poland’s Eternal Deformity are a difficult band to neatly compartmentalize into a single genre. Somewhere along the metal spectrum between Opeth and Arcturus, the band have toyed with all matter of goth, doom, and black metal throughout their career thus far and continue to forge their own take on extreme prog, and despite the four year gap since their previous offering, The Beauty of Chaos, they band are back to prove that they haven’t spent that time sitting still.

Our first glimpse at their upcoming sixth(!) full length No Way Out — which is due out November 18th through Temple of Torturous Records — was offered through our good friends at No Clean Singing in the form of “Reinvented,” a 10-minute epic that the site described as “a dramatic and captivating piece that’s grim and grand, perilous and progressive.”

Today, we’re proud to present the music video for the more succinct “Sweet Isolation,” showcasing the group’s versatile songwriting style which blends symphonic black metal and a vocal hook that is surprisingly catchy given the ferocity of the shrieks that bookend the track. You can view the video below:

“Sweet Isolation” serves as a reflection on every individual freedom. The band describes the concept of the song and video as such:

It is astonishing that people, despite technological progress, progress of science etc, when encounter difficulties of everyday life, have to refer to mythical figures from the world of holy fairy tales. Besides, people are still unable to decide for themselves. They prefer to fit into molds, roles previously written for them. The fear of death has them completely deluded. The idea behind the video was to show a couple that basically symbolize humanity, which still believe in the false ideas and therefore go blindly into demise.

Based on what we’ve heard of No Way Out so far, it’s destined to be one of 2016’s best sleeper hits. Grab your copy at Temple of Torturous Records before the record drops next month.


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