EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Septa Get Lynchian In “Redrum” Video

It’s easy to forget just how much time, energy and life goes into the creation of a full length record. Sometimes the songs have been written and slaved on

7 years ago

It’s easy to forget just how much time, energy and life goes into the creation of a full length record. Sometimes the songs have been written and slaved on for several years before being recorded and seeing the light of the day. It makes sense that at the end of the whole process, more material would be formed in the wake of such a process. This is the case today as we debut “Redrum”, a brand new song and video from Ukraine’s Septa on the one year anniversary of their alt-metal tour de force Sounds Like Murder. We love a fancy music video here at Heavy Blog and this indeed ticks all the boxes.

“Redrum” arrives with a gorgeous music video in tow, shot by friend of the band Oleg Prooz and frontman Eugene Tymchyk. Blending the fiercely emotive displays of The Chariot and Septa’s own unique brand of ear worm ridden alternative metal, the song kicks into action (and colour) much like one of the undisputed great music videos of all time, “Heretics & Killers” by Protest The Hero. Tymchyk had this to say about the track and the video itself:

“We recorded “Redrum” right after we released Sounds Like Murder. We needed some sense of closure and conclusion to the story we’d planted into our latest album. And this song appeared to be that much needed finale. Music video was co-directed by Oleg Rooz and me, it’s a weird combination of our adoration of Audrey Hepburn and huge David Lynch inspiration. This song is really violent in its content, glad we’ve got it out of our chests”

I love the shift from Scogin style rasping into the driving riff and full band performance. The colour shift is jarring and only reinforces the impact of the change in momentum. This may not be the heaviest song I’ve covered all year but it certainly is one of the most pleasing on the ear, only reinforcing my admiration for this band and their modern take on alternative music. It’s been awhile since we’ve found a new Deftones or Thrice, after all. The art form is sometimes lost on band’s, striving to make a performance video as jarring or as “intense” as possible. Not here. The accompanying video is the perfect foil for the music.

We premiered a video from Sounds Like Murder last year but that was the extent of our coverage of the record. More fool us. The full length boasts a wide range of sounds and styles, hitting the softer pop sensibilities of latter day Deftones just as proficiently as the more raucous moments of the band’s earlier efforts. One only needs to hit play on “Red Code” to admire the progressive leaning metal and gorgeously arranged mayhem also; the table drumming and soaring clean vocals on this one scream Tool just as loud as Alexisonfire. Tymchyk’s vocals really put the cherry on the cake while excelling in softer moments throughout Sounds Like Murder, pulling together all the elements of powerful metal while never relying on genre tropes or clichés. “Narcosis” and “High Pitch Noise” scratch that Glassjaw itch while “The Seducer” has no business being as infectiously catchy as it ends up.

“Redrum” might just be the end product of the Sounds Like Murder sessions but as a stand alone track it shines bright. Along with the stellar album they have already released, this has been an incredible year for the band. Their success in their home nation should be applauded, will be built on and sooner rather than later the band will be gracing shores worldwide. Excellent. Get it at Bandcamp.

Matt MacLennan

Published 7 years ago