If you weren’t paying attention yesterday and missed the stream of the new Belial EP then you suck—but it’s okay. Seeing as it looks like the end days are fast approaching, we now have a gratuitously grim video from Osiah, Belial’s label mates on Siege Music. The music video for “The Harvesting” isn’t a paint by numbers metal production in any way, dealing with a changing of the guard, ritualistically speaking. I can’t think of a recent event that has striking similarities to this…

This ain’t yo daddy’s death metal so don’t come into this one with a mental image of Chris Barnes wearing a Death shirt, trem-picking a BC Rich Warlock. From Osiah’s deadly 2016 release Terror Firma, “The Harvesting” is probably the standout track to begin with, even before being attached to a short film/band performance clip that has more than a nod towards the classics of horror. There’s an Evil Dead shirt, Regan style makeup and hooded characters removing a member of the clergy from this mortal coil – now you get the changing of the guard reference from earlier, well done!

To really give an insight into the message and meaning behind the video for “The Harvesting”, let me leave you in the bloodied hands of one Ricky Lee Roper, vocalist for Osiah:

“‘Harvesting’ is one of my favourite parts in the concept of Terror Firma; it touches on how empirical knowledge can be misconceived due to fear-based irrational thinking and desperation, this can bring power to mistruths and faith, something that religion has been using to their advantage for years, and have successfully disguised its evil like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The video touches on how a lack of logical reasoning quickly leads to panic and thus the story begins; our young are infected with an evil disease and the father figures in blind panic abandon reason and turn immediately to faith, a pawn raised on the lies of religion comes as a saviour, but discovers the truth of how alone and powerless he is. At this point in steps a stronger religion, that silently removes the old religion to impose an even more sadistic faith, enforcing it’s will and evil upon the weak and desperate for its own agenda. As has happened for millennia.”

I love the subterranean bass drops and truly fantastic ’07 deathcore pig squeals almost as much as I admire the attitude of the band themselves. There’s no convoluted pretense or smoke blowing at all. Just big, bombastic blasts and breakdowns, scoring a neat little clip that gets more and more morbid as the minutes blaze by.


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