Now here’s a wild blast from the past! Longtime readers of this site might recognize Jack Noble’s project Returning We Hear The Larks. We regularly featured the project on these pages, and truth be told Proud England remains a highlight from djent’s early rise and holds up as a hidden gem from the style and a go-to for proving the worth of bedroom projects. 

Much to our dismay at the time, Jack seemingly retired Returning We Hear The Larks back in 2013 after releasing what was intended to be a swan song with the post-metal leaning Far-Stepper / Of Wide Sea. Since then, we’ve gotten some re-recordings, compilations, and one-off covers, but for all intents and purposes, we were told not to expect anything substantial, so we didn’t. 

But now Returning returns with a reworking of unreleased early demos in a new EP titled Ypres Incarnate. The style leans more heavily on modern death metal than the djenty atmospheric prog that put Larks on the internet metal nerd radar, but we couldn’t be more stoked to see Jack back in action, even if it is sans swoopy trendy hair.

We are proud to present a playthrough of the new track “Ad Majorem dei Gloriam,” below.

Ypres Incarnate drops this Friday, March 31st via Bandcamp. Go pick it up for four bucks because you’re worth it. 


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