Meshuggah – Immutable

Under the weight of its own history and the precedent Meshuggah themselves have set, Immutable seriously struggles to reach the highs of its predecessors, to the point where it doesn’t seem like Meshuggah are necessarily trying to even get there at all.

Zeal & Ardor – Zeal & Ardor

Gagneux clearly has plenty to explore and express under the Zeal & Ardor name, but as far as the band’s discography goes, Z&A feels more like a stepping stone record: one that explores new ground and strikes gold a fair few times, but doesn’t fully feel like the best possible realization of their sound quite yet.

Sunless – Ylem

The wellspring that is dissonant, experimental death metal has continued to deliver in past years, from the output of long-standing legends like Gorguts to that of comparatively newer faces such as Ulcerate an... Read More...

Gorod – Aethra

On the surface, the concept of ever actively reducing complexity seems fairly antithetical to entire purpose of technical death metal. Considering that this is a genre that prides itself on taking an already ex... Read More...

Love Letter – Mastodon’s Leviathan

I deliberated a lot on how to start this piece. How can one even do justice to an album so timeless and revered; and more importantly, an album that has been written about to hell and back for over a decade now? An album that not only single-handedly jump-started the band's illustrious career, but also manages to retain its impeccable excellence next to releases today?

Love Letter — Animals as Leaders’ Weightless

For all the ubiquity it enjoys today, our current, 'mainstream' iteration of progressive metal was hardly all that visible before the turn of the last decade outside of a few relatively tight internet circles. The community around it remained constrained to a few forums, as current ringleaders such as Misha Mansoor and Acle Kahney quietly uploaded bedroom recordings to relatively small audiences.