The Anatomy Of – Detach the Islands

One of the most exciting releases of the year, Detach The Island’s The Burden To Become Fact is one of the sleeper-hits of the year, blending the magical mayhem of chaotic post-violence with the stuttering, savage rhythmic battery of math metal. I’ve helped premiere music from the record and written…

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Weeping Skulls – Weeping Skulls

Don’t ever try and argue with someone that grindcore is music. It really isn’t. The genre is forever teetering on being one tin can snare from sounding like a washing machine full of cutlery. The “anti-music” logo exists for a reason, after all. Tonality, melody, harmony… all thrown aside for…

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Hey! Listen to Dividium

Uk based melodic tech-metal band Dividium recently released their latest EP, entitled T.H.R.E.E. Having previously supported such acts as Devin Townsend and Tesseract, this EP sees the band more than ready to break into the mainstream, being chock full of infectious yet technical riffs, singalong choruses and huge grooves. In…

Hey! Listen to Bird Problems!

Concept albums are tough; most of them end up feeling really bloated, the ideas taking too much space from the music or the “gravitas” with which they are delivered leeching away a lot of the fun. That’s why it’s super important that bands don’t take themselves too seriously, either directly in the music or in the “meta” of it, like videos, cover art or the general aesthetic of the band. A good example is Canadian weirdos (a word we use with a heap of affection) Bird Problems. Their upcoming album, Tar, is a concept album revolving around a virus reminiscent of the zombie inducing one in works like Resident Evil. However, this virus’s effects are under debate: do they actually include people turning into zombies or are they just aesthetic?