It’s been a while since I have seen an album name as appropriate as Autocatalytica’s upcoming Powerclashing Maximalism. This is an album that’s just on all the time; at its core, it is a progressive metal work, with Protest the Hero as a possible cited influence. But in other places, the album also uses a copious amount of strings, wind instruments, and jazz-inflected time signatures to create a whirlwind of groove, aggression, and, here we go, maximalism. “Cheggo”, which we are proud to premiere here today, has all of that and more. From its nu-prog opening, through the more dreamy middle passages and all the way to its noisy outro, “Cheggo” is everything that’s great about Autocatalytica and Powerclashing Maximalism. Head on down below to hear for yourself!

Oh boy, do I love the opening guitar/drum interaction on this track! They channel the sweetness and groove of Plini before jumping right into the heavier, more overwhelming sounds on the album. That main riff spools out to something more intricate, as the bass and drums keep pace, while everything, from strings, to brass, to chugs, goes off in the distance. That sweeter vibe returns on the fantastic guitar solo which then ushers the track into its middle passages before the track returns to its Thank You Scientist grandeur for its closing moments. In fact, that comparison, especially to the band’s seminal Maps of Non-existent Places, becomes more and more apt as the track (and album) go on, building the same kind of diverse size and depth that TYS are known for.

This track is really just a taste of everything the album has in store for you. It also includes moving, quieter tracks, heavier and more frenetic pieces of progressive metal and everything else in between. It drops on October 16th and you can pre-order it over on their Bandcamp page. Stay weird!