Uk based melodic tech-metal band Dividium recently released their latest EP, entitled T.H.R.E.E. Having previously supported such acts as Devin Townsend and Tesseract, this EP sees the band more than ready to break into the mainstream, being chock full of infectious yet technical riffs, singalong choruses and huge grooves. In addition to the EP release, the band have produced videos for two of the songs on the EP so far, helping to flesh out the narrative of the EP. They’re both slickly produced, fun videos that see the band in a variety of scenarios interwoven with performance footage.

The video for the cheekily titled “Send Nudes” perfectly encapsulates the band’s modus operandi, with a massive low end groove and vocal techniques that remind one of the dearly departed The Safety Fire, with an incredibly catchy and memorable chorus that’s sure to be a hit live, and sees the band playing a poker game amidst the performance footage.

The second video is for the song “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, which foregoes some of the low end chunk of the previous song for an approach more similar to Protest The Hero, with melodic clean vocals over technical guitar riffs that suits the energy of the video.

Anyone who’s a fan of any of the aforementioned bands would be remiss not to check out this release, as its excellent production, combined with clever songwriting that sees the band channeling their influences without apeing them shamelessly, should be the thing to propel the band into the tech-metal mainstream, of there was any justice in the world. You can check out all their releases, including the new EP, at their bandcamp. I’m sure you’ll find something to like if you have any interest in the genre at all.

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