ORYX – Stolen Absolution

Heaviness – that all important, ever elusive, sonic be-all and end-all – can come in many different guises. Black metal traditionally chases heaviness through tremolo-picked surging speed and haunting yet beaut... Read More...

The Accuser: Abigail Williams’ Ken Sorceron Speaks On New Project

Ken Sorceron has never been content with just sitting still. The Phoenix to Olympia transplant is the only remaining founding member of black metal act Abigail Williams, and is prolific in not just the USBM scene, but a prominent figure in underground and extreme music at large in recent years thanks to frequent collaboration with Finnish record label Blood Music as their go-to mastering engineer --- with credits on releases from Emperor, Cloudkicker, and Perturbator alike --- as well as serving time in acts such as Aborted and Lord Mantis.

PREMIERE: Stream Caricature’s 27-minute Prog Metal Cat Worship, “Stampede”

A Venn Diagram of prog metal nerds and cat lovers is sure to be a near total eclipse. Joseph Spiller of prog metal act Caricature (which features former members of bands such as The Binary Code, System Divide, and Last Chance To Reason) has taken it upon himself to become a prominent figure of this subset of enthusiasts by writing a powerful and epic ode to his beloved feline companion Parmesan.