We know 2014 is not over yet but you’ll forgive us if we gaze past its dying moments and into the bright flame that is 2015 (wow, that was

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We know 2014 is not over yet but you’ll forgive us if we gaze past its dying moments and into the bright flame that is 2015 (wow, that was metal as fuck). A lot of us honestly believe that we are living in a Golden Age of Metal, going by number AND quality of releases in the past 3-4 or years. Keeping that in mind, it seems as if 2015 is gearing up to be just as badass and filled with amazing music as 2014. In order to get you prepped for all the goodness that is about to descend on us, we’ve compiled a list of releases we are currently expecting in 2015.

Just to make something clear: an “expected release” is any release which is confirmed or very highly likely. Your mileage may vary though, so it’s quite possible some of these won’t actually come out in 2015. However, we did all we can to research these and make sure that they are either confirmed or extremely likely due to the band being in the studio, signing to a new label or hinting towards a close release. We haven’t bothered with “mythical” albums that might see release, such as Tool (yeah right) or Necrophagist (please). So, enjoy! Head on over the jump for the full list and let us know in the comments if there’s anything we missed.

The Agonist – Eye of Providence (CONFIRMED; February 23; Century Media): With the departure of former vocalist in favor of Arch Enemy, expectations are set high for the new front woman. She’s shown promise before, but how will she sound on the album?

Aliases (CONFIRMED; title/date tbd; Basick Records): This release has been a long time coming; ever since their EP, we have been waiting for a follow up from Aliases. The pre-order/crowd funding campaign is on going but it’s safe to say that we’ll finally see a release from this UK based tech-rock band this year.

Amia Venera Landscape (CONFIRMED: title/date tbd; Self Release): Perhaps the most expected release on this list comes from alternative masters at Amia Venera, one of the best bands of this still-young decade. The band have said they have already the next four albums, so let’s hope they grace us with at least one next year. Maybe two???

And So I Watch You From Afar – (CONFIRMED; title/date tbd; Sargent House): The energetic Irelanders have already shown photographic proof of album #4’s existence, but details beyond that at the moment are non-existent.

Angra – Secret Garden (CONFIRMED; January 16th; SPV GmbH): One of the best prog/power bands out there, Angra have been gearing up for this release for a while now. Already released in Japan, the album appears to be well received and so we are psyched to get our dirty, western hands on it.

Between the Buried and Me (CONFIRMED; all other details shrouded in mystery): With the band finishing their epic Parallax sequence with the last release, they are now apparently turning to record what they called in a Facebook selfie a “rock opera”. What does the future hold? Probably great things from this excellent band.

Blind Guardian – Beyond the Red Mirror (CONFIRMED; January 30; Nuclear Blast): Power metal legends Blind Guardian are some what past their golden age and thus each new release is met with trepidation. However, recent singles from the album have been promising and we await to see if the legends can recapture some of their former glory.

Callisto – Secret Youth (CONFIRMED; January 30; Svart Records): Mark our words right now: this is going to be the best post metal release of 2015. Callisto have an impressive track record behind them of ever changing styles, so we can’t wait to hear what these northern poets have for us this time.

Cattle Decapitation – (CONFIRMED; title/date tbd; Metal Blade Records): Monolith Of Inhumanity was almost perfect in that it contained all of the bands famous brutality but with a progression in sound that made it that little bit more awesome. The as yet untitled follow up is to be recorded early this year and you can bet your organic boots on it that we will be featuring every snippet of music or footage that is available.

Cult Leader – (CONFIRMED; title/date tbd; Deathwish Inc.): 2015 will bring the crust. Emerging from the depths into which Gaza sank, Cult Leader already gave us a taste of their unrelenting grind during this year and in the next one, they’re going to be recording a full length with Kurt Ballou. Prepare thy speakers.

Deafheaven – (PROBABLE; Deathwish Inc.): Seeing as two years have passed since the iconoclastic Sunbather and the fact that the band released a teaser single this year, it seems very likely we will get a new album from Deafheaven in 2015. Will it be controversial? Most probably. Will it be excellent? Also quite likely. Stay tuned as more definite details emerged.

Existem – (CONFIRMED; title/date tbd; Self Release): Existem’s Phoenix released very early this year, so some of you might have forgotten about this brilliant EP. That would be very unfortunate though, as they are some of the best death/progressive bands operating today. Need a reminder? Check out a single that may or may not be included in the forthcoming release in 2015.

Faith No More – (CONFIRMED; title tbd/April; Ipecac?): Patton and co. had been pretty secretive about the possibility of a new album but it is happening. New material from the genre defying greats has already hit our ears in the form of the playfully titled ‘Motherfucker’, a track which has given us just as many questions as it has answers. It is far too early to presume what the hell the album will sound like because Faith No More. Set phasers to stunned because many of us never thought this day would ever come.

If These Trees Could Talk – (PROBABLE; Metal Blade): Between their recent signing to Metal Blade, news of reissues abound, and the fact that their previous album, Red Forest, will be coming up on 3 years soon, I would place some money on these post-metal stalwarts releasing new material by the end of the year.

Jaga Jazzist – (PROBABLE; Ninja Tune): The unchallenged kings of Scandinavian prog-jazz have been teasing new material for the better part of 2014, but no official announcements have been made yet, most likely so they could focus on releasing their humongous 20-year anniversary box set. It took 5 years for them to produce One-Armed Bandit after What We Must though, and next year would make 5 years since that, so fingers-crossed for a new opus in 2015!

Katatonia – (PROBABLE; Kscope Records): This is really speculative on our part, but it seems likely that Katatonia will have something for us in 2015. Not a band to rest on laurel leaves, they might want to follow up the amazing Dead End Kings with something more from their dark quiver. Stay tuned as more definite details emerge, we feel like they will soon.

Mechanigod – (CONFIRMED; title/date tbd; Self Release): Israeli death metal fanatics Mechanigod blew us away this year with their debut release. The band recently chatted with blog editors to confirm that they’re looking to release an EP or even an LP in 2015. From early sounds, it sounds much heavier and chunky than the previous release and that makes us giddy.

Nordic Giants – (PROBABLE; Kscope Records): Nordic Giants, the electronic/post rock duo closest to our hearts, have recently signed to Kscope, seeing a re-release of most of their back catalog. It seems likely that a new release is on the horizon and will surely enjoy the excellent treatment of one of the best label in operation today.

Periphery – Juggernaut (CONFIRMED; January 27; Sumerian Records): When we heard that Periphery are planning a double album, our hopes were high. Since then, the three singles released have given us mixed impressions. However, judging by the best track released yet, this album might be something to be excited. Regardless of quality, it’s going to be divisive. Are you ready for the monster threads?

So Hideous – (PROBABLE; Prosthetic Records): Sources from within the post-black-metal group have alluded to recording their sophomore album (and proper Prosthetic debut) in the spring. Having heard some of the new material performed live, I can guarantee that it’s going to be worth paying attention to.

Steven Wilson – Hand. Cannot. Erase. (CONFIRMED; March 3; Kscope Records): This list is a great showcase for why we love Kscope; so many good releases coming from them in the next year but crowning all of them is undoubtedly Steven Wilson. With his last few albums signaling a shift in style, who knows what this release will bring? Whatever it is, it’s certain to be interesting.

Sylosis – Dormant Heart (CONFIRMED; January 13; Nuclear Blast Records): Thrash/sludge/metalcore aficionados Sylosis have been on the fast track for success for a while now but haven’t yet produced a truly massive album to cement their stature. Having listened to this album we can tell you: this is it. Keep alert for this amazingly produced and performed album early next year, you won’t be disappointed.

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving – (CONFIRMED; title/date tbd; Bird’s Robe Records):
Having released the lead single off their upcoming sophomore effort in November in the form of a long EP, the band is reportedly putting the finishing touches on the full album, and it should be out sometime early 2015.

Tesseract – (CONFIRMED; title/date tbd; Kscope Records): Ashe is gone and that is bad. Dan is back and that is good. TesseracT signed with Kscope and that’s amazing. The 2015 release from one of the most interesting bands working today should set our speakers ablaze with the emotions that only they know how to invoke.

Torche – Restarter (CONFIRMED; February 25; Relapse Records): With the lead single out already, we await anxiously for the Florida purveyors of poppy sludge to show us what they can do on a label such as Relapse.

Toundra – IV (CONFIRMED; January 26 [EUROPE]; Superball Music): Easily one of the best bands we knew nothing about until earlier this year, the Spaniards are gearing up for their next artful post-metal release. Listen to the epic ‘Kitsune’ now to understand why we’re so excited for this album.

Wild Throne (CONFIRMED; title/date tbd; Brutal Panda Records): Yes, we were getting concerned that 2015 wouldn’t have enough frantic sludge n’ roll but the announcement that Wild Throne will be releasing an album put that all to rest. Their last release was all too short for how great it was, so we can’t wait to get more more more!

See you in 2015! It’s pretty clear we’ll have plenty to cover and review. We can’t wait and we’re going to bring a lot more game to Heavy Blog. Keep your eyes peeled!


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