If These Trees Could Talk is one of the best post-rock bands of recent years. It’s no secret I’m a fan of the genre and thus I’ve been expecting more news about them for a while now. Luckily, good news has now surfaced: apparently the band have signed with Metal Blade records! That makes me very happy as Metal Blade are an excellent label, with a history free of bullshit and laden with good releases. Head on over the jump to read the full press release. Rejoice!

Akron, Ohio’s If These Trees Could Talk have signed with Metal Blade Records. The post-rock outfit was properly formed in 2005 and has grown tremendously since their humble origins in Zack Kelly’s basement as an instrumental project in college. They have since released two full length albums and an EP. Both albums, plus the EP, are available now digitally, but the albums have been out of print on CD. Both “Red Forest” (2012) and “Above the Earth, Below the Sky” (2009) are being repressed on CD by Metal Blade Records and will be available worldwide on January 27th, 2015! Music and cd pre-orders are available now at metalblade.com/ifthesetreescouldtalk. And, of course, the band is fast at work on their third full-length album and Metal Blade debut. Producer/drummer Zack Kelly, along with guitarists Michael Socrates, Cody Kelly, Jeff Kalal, and bassist Tom Fihe will be tracking the record throughout the 2014/15 winter. The instrumental five piece promises to release one of the finest pieces of post-rock/metal of 2015.

If These Trees Could Talk comments on the signing: “We couldn’t be more excited to join forces with Metal Blade. We have been inspired by many of the bands on their long and illustrious roster, so to be a part of that is a dream come true. Metal Blade has already shown us how much they believe in our vision, so we feel this will only do great things for the future of the band and the music that we make. By signing with Metal Blade, we will have the opportunity to grow and extend our reach worldwide by increasing accessibility to our music and all things Trees related through Metal Blade’s vast distribution channels.”

To summarize: yay! I am beyond stoked for a new release and might even get on those physical order for their back catalog. Those albums hold a special in my heart and it might be cool to be able to physically own them. Safe to say, we’ll be watching the band closer than ever, waiting for some tidbit of new music!


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