We’re very excited about the prospect of  a new Torche album soon, have you noticed? In case you haven’t, here’s your wake up call. Torche is a favorite among several staff members and their blend of pop sludge is very hard to come by. Even with a release this year by sister band Floor, we’re still aching for a taste of new material by the main name itself. And now, a new track has been released by the name of ‘Minions’. Head on over the jump for your first taste of Restarter.


This track is certainly very typical of the band, with the right balance between sludge and the vocals being maintained throughout. However, the closing passages of it are fantastic and are much dreamier than previous stuff, infusing almost oriental vibes into the mix. All in all, this track confirms that the upcoming album should be Torche in all their glory and we cannot be more excited.


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