Your entire Heavy Blog is Heavy staff took Labor Day off (even the ones in countries that think Labor Day is for expectant mothers) so it’s a little surprising

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Your entire Heavy Blog is Heavy staff took Labor Day off (even the ones in countries that think Labor Day is for expectant mothers) so it’s a little surprising how much sick content we rolled out for you this week. We’ll share the good shit after the jump.

Even with just four days worth of stories, we gave you more insane new music to listen to than you could possibly cope with. Among the highlights:

Heavy Blog Grand Poobah Jimmy Rowe shared a link to a new track from atmospheric outfit Ne Obliviscaris. Jimmy says, “The death metal elements are technical and tight and the progressive flourishes are downright beautiful. Frankly, ‘Curator‘ leaves more to be desired, and I mean that in the best way possible.”

Also on your musical smorgasbord for the week, another new track from Language, the Jamie King-produced new album from The Contortionist. Jimmy also shares this one with the observation that this record is likely to be controversial. “Newcomer Michael Lessard croons over delicate atmospheric arpeggios, but the track briefly flirts with harsh vocals and discordant groove in its second half before dropping out into space.”

By far the most popular story of the week was Noyan Tokgozoglu’s 4.5/5 review of the highly anticipated new record from Black Crown Initiate. Noyan says “Fast tremolo picking, blast beats, flashy technical spectacles, melodic chords, time signature shenanigans and slow grooves – all the staples of a progressive death metal band are present. Of course, along with the heavy stuff, the band also pull off slower, more atmospheric sections pretty impressively too.”

Finally for the new music, we got a lot of interest from readers in the new music video from former Tesseract vocalist Daniel Tompkins and his project Piano. The ubiquitous Jimmy Rowe says “Melding uplifting and haunting melodies with progressive musicianship, the Japan-based act are readying their new album Salvage Architecture.”

It was also a week to break some news on Heavy Blog including the seriously fucked up story about the guy who went to jail in Kentucky for posting Exodus lyrics on Facebook and the story I broke about Pepper Keenan’s return to Corrosion of Conformity.

Also in the news, Eden Kupermintz has the story detailing the much anticipated Z2 from Devin Townsend. “Not much longer to wait not only for a new Ziltoid album but also for a new Devin Townsend Project album! We hope that a few tracks will be released soon, in Townsend fashion, so stay tuned as we near release!”

Lots of people also took notice of Nick Budosh’s story about Periphery star Misha Mansoor’s featured role in the Halo 2 anniversary. “Since it has been quite some time since we have heard any solo material from Misha it is nice to hear music that hails back to his SoundClick demo days. For those of you who like video game soundtracks or just want to get your hands on the two tracks.”

So there you have it, some of the best shit for the week from your friends here at Heavy Blog is Heavy. Stick with us next week as we continue to get heavier and heavier (I blame Maclyn and the pizza).


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Published 9 years ago