The Contortionist‘s Language is one of 2014’s most anticipated (and likely controversial) records. The band have ditched the deathcore in favor of post-rock and psychedelic prog, as evidenced by the album’s leading single ‘Language I: Intuition.‘ Now a second official glimpse of the record has been made available in the form of ‘Primordial Sound‘ which continues to paint a picture of Language as being quite the far cry away from Exoplanet.

The track has received an exclusive premiere over at Metalsucks, who made note of the band’s markedly increased Cynic influence. Newcomer Michael Lessard croons over delicate atmospheric arpeggios, but the track briefly flirts with harsh vocals and discordant groove in its second half before dropping out into space. Go listen and report back with your thoughts on the band’s new direction.

Language is due out September 16th via eOne Records. Pre-orders are available at this location.

– JR

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