We’re still clearing the room from the wild party we threw this week at Heavy Blog is Heavy World Headquarters to mark our 9,000th Facebook Like.  It’s

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Heavy Blog Week in Review

We’re still clearing the room from the wild party we threw this week at Heavy Blog is Heavy World Headquarters to mark our 9,000th Facebook Like.  It’s pretty astounding that 9,000 of you motherfuckers like us and of course we like each and every one of you 9,000 times over.  More numbers after the break.

That said, here’s a look at the ten most popular stories of the week on Heavy Blog:

1. Rapidfire Reviews: The Helix Nebula & No Sin Evades His Gaze

Our most popular story of the week was a dual review of a couple of new releases.  First Anthony DiGiacomo gives a four of five rating to Sydney, Australia’s The Helix Nebula‘s new EP ‘Meridian’ while Eden Kupermintz gives a three to new tracks from No Sin Evades His Gaze.

Anthony finds a lot of promise in what the young men from down under have accomplished.

“All in all, Meridian is a top tier release from a group of young musicians who show the potential to make it far. Being their first full release after a series of videos and song releases, they have taken their sound to another level with Meridian.”

Eden finds much to like in “Age of Sedation” by No Sin Evades His Gaze

“…, at the end of the day, this is an enjoyable album that will have you humming along long after it stops. Pick it up for some good quality metal-core with a few more influences thrown in.”

2. THE HELL Frontman Writes Open Letter To Metalcore

Speaking of Metalcore, Jimmy Rowe’s piece on THE HELL‘s latest tirade against the genre was our second-most clicked story of the week.  You’ve probably seen this t-shirt design by now, it’s been all over the Interwebs in recent weeks but Jimmy re-publishes frontman Nails’ open letter to metalcore fans which includes this gem:


And as Jimmy notes, perhaps the most delicious thing about the entire experience is how many Metalcore people take this seriously and don’t get the joke.

3. After Nearly Two Decades, Real Life Catches Up with Shadows Fall

While there’s nothing good about the loss of one of my favorite bands of all-time, I do get a little smile at the fact that my news story about Shadows Fall calling it quits is the third-most clicked story of the week especially considering all of the naysaying and skepticism heard around the Heavy Blog tree house when I suggested the topic.  “They have other albums that aren’t ‘The War Within’ ? lol”  was the remark from one curly-headed photographer with a Celtic name.

Still it’s sad that the economics of the business being what they are today, that a band as influential and wonderful as the Shads can’t make a go of it now that they have kids and real-life responsibilities.

4. Deafheaven Pour Themselves “From The Kettle Onto The Coil”

We got a fair amount of Facebook traffic this week on a link to a slowed-down version of Deafheaven but lots of readers also wanted to know more about the new track at the correct speed.

Ryan Castrati embeds the new song “From The Kettle Onto The Coil”, now available in digital form after the band debuted it recently at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

Ryan says “I know the cool thing to do these days is hate on Deafheaven, but when they release tracks like this, I don’t see how people can.”

5. White Arms Of Athena To Release Self-Titled Album On December 2nd

Look at the footer of every page on this web site and you will see a link to my friends from Texas in White Arms of Athena.  This week, Josh, Thomas, Colin, Andrew, and Austin sit down with Jimmy Rowe to reveal details of the prog band’s upcoming self-titled release.

WAOA’s groundbreaking record “Astrodrama” was a Jamie King production but with Kurt Ballou at the controls this time, Jimmy says we can expect something different.

“And speaking from personal experience, the new album feels a little less Between the Buried and Me and a little more Intronaut. Across White Arms of Athena, the band explores a wide range of tones and delves deeper into jazzy atmospherics.”

Look for new White Arms of Athena in December.

Rounding out the Top Ten of Posts for the Week:

6. Slipknot Release “The Devil In I”, Finally Reveal Details for New Album + Announce Fall Tour Dates
7. YOB – Clearing The Path To Ascend
8. Stolas Premier New Song “Solunar” And Announce New Album Allomaternal
9. The Contortionist Unveil New Video, ‘Language I: Intuition’
10. Scar Symmetry Explore The Limits To Infinity

Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the ten most popular Heavy Blog is Heavy stories for the month of August.

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