Heavy Weekend is Heavy

What the hell, is your calendar broken at Heavy Blog is Heavy World Headquarters, can’t you see it’s the friggin’ weekend? Don’t you know Heavy Blog is Heavy doesn’t publish on the weekend? More after the jump.

Well SURPRISE, it’s Saturday and we’re here to make your weekend just a little bit heavier, check that, a shit ton heavier! Through a combination of logical argument, cajoling, whining, pleading, begging, and being a general pain in the ass, I have persuaded the bosses to let me do a test run of producing and editing weekend content starting today and tomorrow.

Our weekend postings will be a little different from what you read during the week. For one thing I’ll be writing a pair of “Week in Review” articles so if you were at work, at school, or passed out at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday when Jimmy Rowe published that kick ass piece and somehow the social media blitz for it passed you by, you will get another shot at it.

One of our editors said, “Yeah but the weekends are a time to go to shows and sleep” to which I wished him “nighty-night.” Because weekends are also a time when a lot of people are looking for sick new music to try out and we hope to fill that space for you.

In addition, the weekend is a time to have some fun and experiment with new features and ways of organizing content. Those may include things like Slideshows, Embedded Live Blogs, Live Streams from shows, audience engagement/contests, etc. If you have ideas for any such things, I’m all ears. In the meantime, start tagging #HeavyBlog on your Instagrams and Twitters, because we’ll be watching.

So wake the neighbors, e-mail the grandparents, dial in the space aliens on the Planet Zykon and tell them to put on their helmets, check their pressure suits and get ready because…

Heavy Weekend is Heavy



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