Kvlt Kolvmn – August 2019

Welcome, friends, to another installment of Kvlt Kolvmn. As has been the custom as of late, our cup runner over with quality black metal releases, with August being another titanic month for the genre. It’s absolutely insane to me how many utterly amazing black metal albums have been released this…

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Release Day Roundup – 8/30/19

Each month, we always seem to come to the same conclusion when it comes to our Editors’ Picks column: Friday release days open the floodgates and unleash a seemingly endless stream of quality new music. But while some of our Editors and Contributors sit down gleefully each week to dive into this newly stocked treasure…

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Hope Drone – Void Lustre

It’s been a long four years since the sophomore release from Australian post-black metal outfit Hope Drone. Cloak of Ash, released July 2015 through Relapse Records, was the group’s shot at a breakout, and it was certainly a devastating and compelling release, earning a four-out-of-five score from us back when…

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An Ode to Spring – Metal, Thematics and Politics

Since the vast majority of Heavy Blog contributors fall on the left side of the map (shocking, we know), focusing on the latter seems like the way to go. Criticizing the other side of the political map is easy enough; taking a hard look at your own camp is where things get tricky. Thus, let us turn our eyes on one of the most typical leftist refusals to engage: the retreat. There are few places in the cultural world where this retreat is more obvious than in music and, more specifically, in metal. Even more specifically, the current throes which are black metal is undergoing are even more lucrative for our needs. There, leftist retreat is alive and happening right now, both because of the virility of the claims on the other side (read: the amount of black metal that’s truly awful) and because the themes of black metal have already been declared by the larger, more abstract “left” as anathema in the past.

Heavy Blog’s Interview with Michael Gagen (hazards of swimming naked, Echotide, ex-Arcane)

Today we’re joined by none other than Michael Gagen, guitarist extraordinaire at bands you may have heard of, like hazards of swimming naked and (ex-) Arcane, and bands you’ve probably never heard of, like Echotide, agrammeofsoma and more. We don’t know which of those bands you’ve heard of, but we…

PHOTOS: Hope Drone, Sanzu, Eternal Rest, Expulsed —December 3rd, 2015 @ The New Globe Theatre, AUS

If you combine TCSoL-era Rivers of Nihil with Gojira’s The Way of All Flesh, you’d have a pretty accurate representation of what Sanzu is. The band have nailed the perfect balance between paying homage to their obvious musical influences while also maintaining a large element of individuality in terms of…

Reflections – The Color Clear

One of the most interesting things about 2015 as a year of metal is that many of the best albums have integrated a great deal of emotion and atmosphere in some way or another. From WRVTH’s self-titled techdeath landmark to Hope Drone’s post-rock/atmospheric black metal masterpiece, there’s been a huge…