Hope Drone are a band you may have heard of if you’ve got a taste for all things bleak and atmospheric when it comes to black metal. Hailing from Brisbane, Australia and happily adorning the ‘About’ section of their Facebook page with the phrase ‘No future but nothing’, the bands 2013 self-titled release sent out the message that while quite a few bands had turned their attention to more expansive soundscapes that black metal could offer, few were doing it as well as they were, with four tracks of dank and dark, hopelessness — one of which even ended up on our 2013 compilation.

Thankfully, this racket did not go unnoticed as the band now have the Relapse Records seal of approval and have set out to release new music in early 2015, stating:

“We’re stoked to be welcomed into the Relapse family and have our records released by the label that is responsible for some of our favourite releases. The record was recorded at the soon to be defuct Wavelength Studios with our engineer Christopher Brownbill. We really wanted to push ourselves with this record and spent much longer crafting songs with a greater dynamic and depth to them, both in terms of songwriting and how we approached capturing the songs. We aimed for a more live sounding recording that was still rich in atmosphere and I think we’ve achieved something that is a true reflection of how we sound live.”

Definitely keep an eye out for this one.

– DL



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