Best Of – One Man Bands

Going over the twelve entries we’ve selected as the cream of the musical loner crop, it’s amazing to see not only the variety of genres present, but the fact that such enormous, impactful music can come from a single individual. From guitar porn to one man black metal to a whole slew of electronic subgenres, these artists prove that “strength in numbers” may not apply to everyone. Because while this crew may not have been the most social group on the playground, they spent their alone time producing some of our favorite music and proving that collaboration isn’t a necessity for quality tunes. So without further ado, sit back and reminisce with us over our favorite one person projects, or enjoy discovering what any one of these twelve musicians has to offer. And of course, feel free to comment with further suggestions of exceptional musicians who handily do it all.

Get Another 5 Hours Of Post-Rock For Free With Post-Engineering’s 2nd Compilation!

Man, time flies, doesn’t it? I honestly could have sworn it had only been maybe 3 months since I wrote up this post about the excellent blog post-engineering’s first ever Bandcamp compilation. That mammoth endeavor included over 4 hours of brilliant music covering a very wide variety of post-rock, post-metal, and other heavily post-influenced sounds. It introduced me to a ton of fantastic bands (one of which even wound up on my year-end list!). It’s in fact been half a year since that was released though, and now post-engineering is back with a brand new comp spanning a whopping 42 tracks over nearly five hours. And just like the last one, it’s 100% free!

Heavy Blog’s Top 10 EPs of 2015

We published a think piece last month that directly pertains to this list in a fundamental way. In the current digital music landscape, what exactly is the difference between an album and an EP? Strict guidelines regarding track listings and song lengths haven’t existed for some time, causing every solidified definition of…

2 – Broad Genre-alization

It’s the second episode! This week Eden and I talk about our weekly listening including Caspian and Alustrium, Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan’s antics, Cloudkicker, new After the Burial and the reinvigorated genre of neo-folk. Our opinion discussions include crowdfunding in metal, where we think innovation is happening in metal, and post-metal’s position in…