Seems like some very rare Cloudkicker merchandise has surfaced during a move! The man behind the project, Ben Sharp, posted about the discovery (heh heh) today on the official blog.

    We moved from Columbus to Pittsburgh three weeks ago and during the process I found some merch that I’ve just put up.

    Those items found were:

      •8 copies of Subsume on red vinyl, which I am offering with free shipping
      •5 copies of Fade on clear vinyl, which I am also offering with free shipping
      •This old shirt design [above]

    I designed and printed this way back in 2007 when a very early iteration of Cloudkicker played a handful of shows in Southern California, including a 20 minute set at Chain Reaction opening for Horse the Band. I have 2 smalls, 7 larges, and 4 XLs that I am offering at the low low price of $10. Yes they are as wrinkly as this one looks because they’ve been crumpled up in a box for more than 7 years.

So if you’re hardcore about your Cloudkicker, snatch these up before they disappear! Shirts are ten bucks, vinyl are $18 each.



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