It’s the second episode! This week Eden and I talk about our weekly listening including Caspian and Alustrium, Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan’s antics, Cloudkickernew After the Burial and the reinvigorated genre of neo-folk. Our opinion discussions include crowdfunding in metal, where we think innovation is happening in metal, and post-metal’s position in the scene.

As usual, you can listen here or on iTunes, or whatever podcast platform you prefer! And we’re open to your feedback and comments, as we want to drive the content of the podcast so that it’s relevant to the community. Check after the jump for more show notes, including news items we discussed and songs we referenced. We’re going to try to stick to a Monday 7AM EST schedule from now on, so set your clocks!

Episode 2 – Broad Genre-alization:

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Show notes:

Intro music – Aftermath by NYN

Diminish the Gods.

Justin Lowe of After the Burial’s demo reel.

Arkona – Zov pustyh dereven (The folk band I mentioned, turns out they’re Russian!)

As Blood Runs Black’s failure to deliver their crowdfunding rewards.

Square Enix’s crowd-approval platform (I was wrong, players don’t pay money towards games they want, they vote towards games they want and SE funds them based on it).



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