From the Heavy Blog Is Live Archives: Author & Punisher – 11/3/15

As anyone who has been following us for a while likely knows, I shot and edited a lot of live shows last year. To be frank, these are not easy

8 years ago

As anyone who has been following us for a while likely knows, I shot and edited a lot of live shows last year. To be frank, these are not easy to produce. Filming multicam videos of these concerts by myself is exhausting and often stressful, and editing them is a pretty significant time-suck. I’m not saying this as a “woe is me” type of thing because even though I do these for you all completely for free and they’re a lot of work, I get to see amazing bands perform for free, and I love doing this kind of work. I’m saying this though to give a little background into where I am currently as a freelance video producer/editor who has become much busier over the course of the past year. I’m not shooting as many shows these days for the reasons I just stated, but also because last year I wound up shooting so much that I couldn’t actually keep up with it all and edit everything I got.

The truth is that I have six sets of music (4 headliners + 2 openers) dating from just over one year ago through the end of 2015 that I simply never got around to cutting and posting. For most of these it just became a thing where I was busy, and then I either kinda forgot about them, or if I remembered the sheer stress and guilt of knowing they had been lying around so long prevented me from touching them. I’m in a bit of a lull in work currently though and am in the process of assembling a new reel and touching up my website, so while I was at it I figured maybe I should dust off the ol’ Heavy Blog Is Live archives and see what I could do with them. So here we are. I’m presenting one of these sets to you all now, not the first of these that I neglected to edit, but the one that I wanted to complete the most because the footage is, in my humble opinion, fucking amazing.

The word “unique” gets thrown around way too often for it to have any real meaning, but San Diego industrial/drone specialist Tristan Shone (aka Author & Punisher) is the textbook definition of unique. Though his music is a fascinating spectacle in itself, it’s seeing Shone perform it live that is truly an experience due to how he produces the music. Playing the role of mad scientist, he stands in the center of an industrial playground of custom-built machines that produce truly visceral music, full of cranks, levers, wheels, and far more that can produce and manipulate sound. Witnessing and filming felt like a totally immersive experience, even if the music itself is admittedly not what I normally reach for on my own.

Unfortunately I do not have a setlist for this one as picking out the individual “songs” here was a bit more of a challenge than I’m accustomed to. If any of you can identify them, feel free to let me know in the comments! As for the remaining unedited sets I have, we’ll see when I can get around to them, hopefully soon. I actually just shot a new set and interview over the weekend with someone I’m very excited about, so that will go up first in all likelihood.

Meanwhile, we’re getting close to crossing 300k views (!!!) and have over 1,500 subscribers (!!!!!) to our Youtube channel, so if you haven’t already joined us there, now’s the time! And thanks, as always, for your viewership and support.

Nick Cusworth

Published 8 years ago