Having just released their fifth full-length album, Pennsylvania post-metal veterans Rosetta are currently on tour. Unlike most live sets though where a smattering of new material is mixed in with older classics, the band have decided to take all of Quintessential Ephemera [review] and perform the album in its entirety as their full set. Lucky for those of you who cannot see them on tour, I was able to capture the entire thing in glorious multicam video. Staff photographer Mark Valentino was also there and captured some great shots of them as well as openers So Hideous (more on them later), No Way, and Descender. See all of these below!


No Way

So Hideous


0:00 – “After the Funeral”
0:57 – “(Untitled I)”
9:03 – “(Untitled II)”
14:38 – “(Untitled III)”
22:06 – “(Untitled V)”
30:12 – “(Untitled VI)”
37:46 – “(Untitled VII)”
45:22 – “Nothing In the Guise of Something”

Man, that Rosetta set, amirite? It’s one thing to listen to Quintessential Ephemera by itself. It’s a very good and emotionally rich album that feels like a genuine step forward for the band. But seeing it performed live in all its rawness, brightness, and power is another thing entirely. The band definitely compressed some of the instrumental parts a bit (they played the opening vamp of “After the Funeral” for less than a minute before diving into “(Untitled I),” and from what I could tell they skipped over the instrumental transition track “Untitled IV” completely), but they didn’t skimp on the meat of the album at all.

A quick word about So Hideous. I’ve been following the post-black metal band for a while now (they were one of the first bands I got to film for the blog), and I did in fact film their entire set that night. This set featured all brand new material from their still to-be-announced sophomore album, and while I was hoping to include it in this post, I have been asked to hold off on publishing it for now. I can tell you this in all honesty though: the material featured is incredible and will be 100% worth the wait. You can be sure that we’ll post it as soon as we get the okay.

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