Watch Full Sets of Torche and Nothing Lighting Up Brooklyn

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been a bit quiet on the live video front for a while. I take most of the blame for that. For a

9 years ago

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been a bit quiet on the live video front for a while. I take most of the blame for that. For a number of reasons I simply haven’t been able to post any of the things I’ve shot for here the past couple of months. All of that’s about to change though, particularly as the weather starts to warm up and touring season begins. Expect a lot of live video to come your way in the next month or so.

For now though, we’ve got a big treat for you all. Earlier this year, sunny south Florida sludge titans Torche went on a huge tour in support of their excellent Relapse debut Restarter (read our review here, and check out photos from their Chicago stop here) and brought Philly heavy shoegazers (and Relapse labelmates) Nothing with them. It was a high-octane evening, not least of which because of how pumped the crowd was to be there (more on that later).

Check out full multicam sets of both bands after the jump!


0:00 – July the Fourth
6:50 – Bent Nail
10:30 – Dig
15:30 – Get Well
20:50 – Somersault
26:30 – Downward Years to Come
31:45 – Chloroform
37:50 – B&E


0:00 – Piraña
1:45 – Sandstorm
4:20 – Healer
7:05 – Minions
11:35 – Loose Men
14:08 – In Return
17:07 – Kicking
19:50 – In Pieces
23:20 – Reverse Inverted
26:48 – No Servants
30:28 – Believe It
34:22 – Sky Trials
36:26 – Across the Shields
39:34 – Vampyro
42:03 – Restarter
47:30 – Barrier Hammer
51:23 – Undone
53:05 – Blasted
56:48 – Annihilation Affair
1:01:32 – Charge of the Brown Recluse
1:04:00 – Harmonslaught

Against all expectations going into this show, this was easily the most “lively” crowd I’ve had to deal with when filming so far. Between the constant mosh action, the crowdsurfing, and even band members getting directly involved, it was an evening that constantly kept me on my toes (and on more than one occasion completely knocked me off of them). The music itself certainly matched the energy though. Nothing absolutely tore their way through their set, featuring the expected cuts from their debut LP Guilty of Everything [review] as well as both singles off of their recent split EP with Whirr and even a track off of their first EP.

As for Torche, their set was just hit after hit after hit. The band played 21 songs in total spanning their entire catalog, all performed to a fucking T. The banter from frontman Steve Brooks was also great, even in his more awkward moments of clearly filling time while the rest of the band collected themselves. The fact that band are such a well-oiled machine otherwise though made those moments all the more endearing.

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Nick Cusworth

Published 9 years ago