So remember all of that video content I promised all of you about a month ago? It’s coming, I swear! Like, so much video. I’m happy to present to you all a big chunk of that today though. On May 9th, one of the more impressive lineups in recent memory came through Brooklyn and Saint Vitus. New Jersey deathcore stars Fit For An Autopsy were joined by deathgrind veterans Aborted and Vancouver tech-death favorites Archspire for an insanely intense evening of extreme metal. Check out full sets from all three bands after the jump!


0:00 – “Scream Feeding”
5:30 – “The Plague of Am”
10:01 – “Seven Crowns and the Oblivion Chain”
15:30 – “Rapid Elemental Dissolve”
21:19 – “Lucid Collective Somnambulation”


0:00 – “Meticulous Invagination”
4:43 – “Parasitic Flesh Resection”
7:26 – “Necrotic Manifesto”
10:10 – “Hecatomb”
13:51 – “Coffin Upon Coffin”
18:03 – “Fecal Forgery”
20:50 – “Expurgation Euphoria”
23:24 – “Holocaust Incarnate”
29:28 – “Extirpation Agenda”
32:48 – “The Origin Of Disease”
36:35 – “Sanguine Verses (…Of Extirpation)”
39:48 – “Cenobites”
44:42 – “Threading on Vermillion Deception”
48:48 – “The Saw and the Carnage Done”


0:00 – “The Great Gift of the World”
5:40 – “Do You See Him?”
9:44 – “Thank You Budd Dwyer”
13:44 – “Dead in the Dirt”
17:51 – “Mask Maker”
23:02 – “Tremors”
27:36 – “The Conqueror”
31:40 – “The Jackal”
36:38 – “The Travelers”

I feel like there isn’t too much to say about all of this other than every band was just amazingly tight. The crowd was simply 100% into it the entire night, and every band delivered and then some. Easily one of the more memorable nights I’ve filmed. For my money though Archspire was a particular treat to see in action. The band are incredibly on-point, and witnessing vocalist Oliver Rae Aleron spit out his manically-fast phrases in real-time is awe-inspiring.

You can catch all of these bands plus Dark Sermon for another few days as they wrap up their tour. If you can definitely do so because it’ll be 100% worth it. Meanwhile, I promise you all that there will be plenty more video coming throughout the month, so keep your eyes on our Youtube channel.



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