Since releasing one of the strongest records of the year so far in Lore [review], stoner/doom trio Elder have been touring relentlessly to ride the album’s momentum. They recently came through Saint Vitus in Brooklyn along with ClamfightApostle of Solitude, and Kings Destroy, all of whom were awesome but not filmed. Elder were though, and you can now watch the entire set after the jump!


0:00 – Spires Burn
11:56 – Compendium
23:20 – Spirit At Aphelion
34:00 – The End
42:12 – Deadweight

This often seems like the case for great trios, but enough can’t be said about how epic the group’s sound is given their limited instrumentation. Frontman/guitarist Nick DiSalvo of course shines the brightest here as he positively burns his way through seemingly endless riffs and solos. The band played only 5 tracks (3 off of Lore, 1 off of their 2012 “Spires Burn” single, and 1 off of their 2011 album Dead Roots Stirring), but the set felt plenty meaty with its extended instrumentals and jams. One would be hard-pressed not to find themselves nodding along at some point.

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