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No pun title needed for this post. Never forgotten Aussie metalcore behemoths I Killed The Prom Queen have just released the first video from their comeback record Beloved. While metalcore is regarded as an obsolete genre by many in the metal world, releases last year from Misery Signals and Erra (both albums making several year end lists on this very site) proved that there is still ample life in the genre yet. Australian site Music Feeds have the premiere of ‘Thirty One & Sevens’ and let it be said that the band sound fresher and heavier than ever.

After a somewhat less than amicable departure from Bring Me The Horizon, IKTPQ founding member Jona Weinhofen is back with the band he helped form in 2000. Followers of Australia’s music scene might recognize Jamie Hope, formerly the bass player and lead vocalist for The Red Shore (RIP), now handling lead vocals. Personally, I was disappointed when The Red Shore called it quits after releasing The Avarice Of Man, a far better than average deathcore release in my honest and always humble opinion, so it is good to see him back in the limelight. The new song is classic IKTPQ but with really smooth production and an excellent chorus. I’m a sucker for a catchy core chorus and I am far from disappointed with ‘Thirty One & Sevens’.

The video looks mighty impressive and clearly had a large scale production behind it. Lens flares and sci-fi elements scream J.J. Abrams and fit well with the new, polished sounding metal from the boys from down under. There is far more information about the video and a quite candid quote from Mr Weinhofen himself in the Music Feeds post. Check the video out and pick up Beloved when it drops on the 18th of February (in the US) via Epitaph Records.


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