Jona  Weinhofen

A lot of you won’t care about this particular bit of news, and it’s justified; Bring Me The Horizon have always been a very polarizing band. However, I’m personally a bit disappointed by the news of Jona Weinhofen leaving the band. Here’s a statement the guitarist issued via Tumblr:

“After a lot of time and thought ive decided to leave my current position as guitarist with Bring Me The Horizon. things in the band have been very tense with a lot of disagreements between myself and certain members who i wont name.

im thankful for my time with BMTH and i have met many good friends and been able to travel the world more.

Im planning on moving back to Australia to pursue other musical ventures.



The reason I care in the first place is because Jona has often cited influences from electronic and ambient music, which leads me to believe he was a major player in the band’s shift in sound from being a scene-friendly deathcore band into a more mature act. Although, their latest addition Jordan Fish — who played keyboards on their upcoming album Sempiternal — has taken up the task of playing guitars, so things still look a bit promising for the group’s continuing evolution. It also stands to reason that Jona will likely put greater effort and focus into I Killed The Prom Queen, who have an album in the works for 2013.

So there’s that. Bring Me The Horizon’s new Terry Date produced record Sempiternal is due out April 30th on Epitaph Records.

– JR


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