Machine Gun Kelly – mainstream sellout

The pieces are in place for some solid pop-punk material, and with the right guidance (looking at you, Travis Barker), MGK can stand there, ably play four power chords, and deliver some mid-to-good pop punk when inspiration strikes. Unfortunately, this follow up to Tickets to my Downfall feels more like a clumsy pastiche of bad pop-punk tropes and hip-hop influences than a particularly inspired nostalgia trip it intends to be. 

225 – Deep Heavy Blog Lore

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! Back on track with the content. This week, we talk about new music from The Lylat Continuum, The Design Abstract, The Beast of Nod, Brand of Sacrifice, Abominable Putridity, Jeris John... Read More...

Heavy Buys // March 2021

In years past, we’ve tried our hand at a column whereby staff were able to discuss physical media in its various forms and any other music-related purchases, and that was Heavy Buys. The column was used sporadically, but we felt that it was time to bring it back for 2021.