Best of 1998

Welcome back to our "Best of" column! This isn't the first time we've celebrated twenty year milestones, but this installment is a bit more meaningful for all of us here at Heavy Blog. This list comes a week af... Read More...

Gadget – The Great Destroyer

Don't feel bad if you don't recognize the Gadget name despite their status as grindcore veterans; the group have existed on-and-off for two decades in more than one iteration and haven't released a full-length in ten years. For all intents and purposes, Gadget's third full-length The Great Destroyer acts as an introduction to the Swedes' thick and chaotic turn at grind for a new generation of fans. With their newfound spotlight and label Relapse Records' ever expanding reach, Gadget have got a lot to prove; bands often don't get a second chance at first impressions, and The Great Destroyer makes a solid case for Gadget as a band to watch.

WAKE – Sowing The Seeds of a Worthless Tomorrow

Calgary, Alberta’s WAKE are torchbearers of a specific dissonant, dark and experimental brand of grindcore that reminds of acts as diverse as Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Discordance Axis and perhaps most of all, the late, great Nasum. It’s in the Nasum influence where this record, their third, truly shines. Channeling all the darkly melodic guitar lines and song structures they can, WAKE have crafted an album that not only does justice to the legacy of a fondly remember, gone too soon extreme metal band, but carve a niche all their own in the grindcore genre.