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Vinyl nerds and grindcore enthusiasts rejoice! While we’re still waiting on the Pig Destroyer repress that was promised last year, Relapse Records haven’t just been sitting on their hands in regards to their hotly in-demand back catalog. The latest Relapse alum that the label have taken up the task of re-pressing is trailblazing Swedish grindcore act Nasum, and they’re going all out! The band’s full length discography will be made available for the first time in over 10 years, and you can secure your copies right now.

Fortunately, the prices are kept to a reasonable $18, but if you’re wanting to nab all four at once, you’re going to be paying over 70 bucks. That’s more than I feel comfortable paying all at once, so I’m going to have to go at this one piece by piece. Hopefully supplies last until then.

The label published the following teaser, showing off the new pressings:


Here’s hoping Relapse continues the trend. Hopefully in addition to Pig Destroyer, we can see some of The Dillinger Escape Plan‘s long out of press Relapse work (Miss Machine and Ire Works) available in the coming years. Surely those will sell like hotcakes, if the Relapse still holds the rights to those releases. Fingers crossed that Relapse continues exploring their vault of releases so music nerds can buy the records new at a reasonable price that directly goes back into the industry instead of paying outrageous prices from collectors on eBay.

Until then, we can savor Nasum’s discography on vinyl thanks to Relapse. The records will be out December 19th, but pre-orders are available now at Relapse Mailorder.

– JR


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