Agrimonia – Awaken

One of the issue surrounding progressive music is that of identity. When you begin to subscribe to an ideology or style which has experimentation and genre bending at its base, how do you maintain a shared group of qualities which makes your music coherent? Bands have resolved this issue using many different tools; from artwork to thematic albums, this problem has more or less been solved. Agrimonia took the thematic approach on their latest album, Awaken, their first in five years. While the album juggles sounds ranging drawing from crust, punk, sludge, and post metal, there appears to be something inherently progressive about the band's approach to these influences. In an effort to make Awaken work, to form a cognizant and recognizable album, Agriomina have turned to themes of darkness, melancholy for their musical adhesive.

Hey! Listen to Sarin!

For people who have lamented the fall of post metal countless of times, we seem to be writing about plenty of good stuff from that front. It's probably just bias, as the mountains of repetitive post metal that we hear gets expunged from our perception in favor of the things we like. Whatever the case, it's a pleasure when the genre clicks and boy does it click for Sarin. The somewhat veteran group, laying stake to 2012 as their year of genesis, just released D A R K E R  L A K E S this week (hereby known as Lakes) and it is a celebration of everything post metal is still capable of in 2017. Its dark compositions work beautifully with the deep guitar and synth tones, reminding use of acts like Minsk, The Mire (RIP), Mouth of the Architect and many more.