This is it ladies and gentlemen; the first piece of music from post-metal band Minsk in six years. We’ve already told you quite a bit about Minsk and if you recall, I said that my hopes were high that they would fix some issues I found with their production. I’m glad to say that, judging from the new track released yesterday, things are looking up. It sounds crisp and tight, with that crowded feeling that their earlier material possess. Head on over the jump for the full release and the track itself!


Here’s the full release:

Scattered between the sleepy city of Peoria and metropolis of Chicago and drawing inspiration from a remote Belarusian city that has been burned to the ground only to be rebuilt like a phoenix rising from its own ashes, MINSK has been cultivating sonic exploration and alchemical outpourings since 2002. Rooted in the post-metal landscape that brought forth visionaries like Neurosis and Isis, with their latest opus, The Crash & The Draw, MINSK step out of the shadows of the giants of their genre to create a psychedelic blend of tuneful, trance-inducing heaviness.

Set to drop via Relapse Records this Spring, The Crash & The Draw follows the eclectic collective’s six-year hiatus and boasts eleven arresting psalms that transcend far beyond the boundaries of post-metal, sludge and psychedelia. An instant contender for one of the most forward-thinking metal records of the year, each cascading movement is a crucial sonic passage through dark and light. At once crushing, hallucinatory and at times, spiritually illuminating, tracks ebb and flow with a pastoral elegance and tangible urgency.

Recorded almost exclusively in The Prairie State, The Crash & The Draw was captured by the band alongside Sanford Parker (Twilight, Voivod, Eyehategod, Yob etc.) at Earth Analog in Tolono, mixed by Parker and MINSK at Hypercube in Chicago and mastered by Collin Jordan (Eyehategod, Indian, Wovenhand, Voivod etc.) at The Boiler Room in Chicago with additional vocal tracking by Scott Evans (Kowloon Walled City. Old Man Gloom, Floor etc.) at Antisleep Audio in Oakland, California and further tracking, editing, and mixing by Kevin Rendleman at Trash Rocket Audio and Aaron Austin at We Know Who You Are, both in Peoria. The record includes the striking cover creation of Orion Landau (Yob, Inter Arma, Red Fang etc.), a reinterpretation of original artwork by contributing artist, Corinne Reid.

2015 is already looking excellent. The track we heard above is classic Minsk but with a few added a touches. It plays a bit more dynamically to my ears, again lifting that heavy weight that I felt on my shoulders when listening to their older stuff. It’s much more accessible and while that’s not necessarily a good thing, it is here. You can pre-order the album right here and you’d be fools not to. It’s sounding great.


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