Floor. Minsk. These names alone should be enough to send dust falling your rafters and paint shriveling from your walls. From the pop-sludge riffs of the former to the intensely psychedelic post metal of the latter, these two bands wield a formidable amount of feedback between them. Now, the two giants are set to tour Europe together, sending seismologists everywhere for their instruments. Head on over the jump for the dates!

April 09 Tilburg, Holland Roadburn Festival
April 10 Leipzig, Germany Doom Over Leipzig
April 11 Hamburg, Germany Hafenklang
April 12 Berlin, Germany Cassiopeia
April 13 Warsaw, Poland Hydrozagadka
April 14 Prague, Czech Republic 007
April 15 Innsbruck, Austria p.m.k.
April 16 Munchen, Germany Feierwerk
April 17 Bologna, Italy Freakout
April 18 Milano, Italy Lo Fi Club – SoloMacello Fest
April 19 Lausanne, Switzerland Le Romandie
April 20 Paris, France Escape B
April 21 Nantes, France La Scene Michelet
April 22 Lille, France La Peniche
April 23 Dortmund, Germany FZW
April 24 London, UK Desertfest
April 25 Antwerp, Belgium Kavka

What’s left to say? If you can, make sure to head on over to one of these dates and have your face blasted off by the energies. I’m certainly hitting myself repeatedly for missing out on this one.


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