I have a confession: I really love Steel For Brains. They’re one of my favorite blogs in the community, with intense reviews and an overall approach to music and journalism that I feel a kinship to. Thus, I am quite happy to say that the folks from SfB have a premiere for us which I’ve been waiting eagerly for: a new Minsk track titled ‘The Way Is Through. And boy, is it fantastic. The melodic intro…just head on over the jump.

Go to Steel for Brains for the premiere and if you aren’t following them already, please do so. As to the track, I haven’t much to add to what SfB wrote other than: this album is amazing. It’s exactly the progression and growth that I longed for Minsk to pull off and they have. The sheer effort put into producing this album well, the intelligence behind the writing and the emotions involved are staggering. My review will be going live soon, but get excited about this album right now if you’re into refreshing post-metal done right.

2015 people. It’s happening.




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