We’re calling it now: expect to see a lot of Minsk come December when they start to appear on year-end best-of lists, as their long-awaited return, The Crash and The Draw, is everything you’d be craving for out of doom and post-metal in 2015; stoned-out riffs, progressive flair for the experimental, and production from Sanford Parker — who, by the way, is a former member who had enough grace to return to the helm. It’s a phenomenal record in form and fashion, to be sure.

The epic-length record (truly so — it clocks in at an hour and 16 minutes) truly is something to behold, and closing track ‘When The Walls Fell‘ is truly an exemplary track from the record with which to make a good initial impression if you’ve missed out. The 10-minute track is being streamed exclusively over at Stereogum, who notes the song’s churning and explosive dynamic as a strong selling point. Of course, Minsk know how to craft a killer post-metal song, even after all that downtime.

The Crash and The Draw is due out April 7th via Relapse Records. Pre-orders are available at this location.

– JR

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