minskYes, the time has finally come. We’ve been waiting for this album for years, some of us at least, and now we can all gather around the bonfire that is the Internet and stream it in full. What to expect? How about one of the freshest, most innovative albums in post-metal history? Yeah, I think that’s the exact amount of hyperbole necessary here. Wait no more; head on over the jump to stream Minsk‘s triumphant return, The Crash and The Draw!

Highlights? Get a load of the scream at the very end of ‘Within and Without’. Get blasted with the opening riffs of ‘To The Garish Remembrance of Failure’. Brace yourself for the vocals replete across the epic five-parter, ‘Onward Procession’. Just let this album wash all over you and make sure you listen to the exquisite cymbal work to be found through-out. Expect our review very soon.




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