17 – Mixing It Up With Eyal Levi

Welcome back to HPIHC! This week we have a very special guest! The guitarist of Daath, famed producer and now businessman Eyal Levi! He joins us this week to inform us about a lot of production-related questions we'be been discussing for a while, and also how he's taken a step ahead of the paradigm by building his own service (Nail the Mix) and innovated the process of teaching people about production. Then, Eden and I go into our usual discussions about news, including Skuggsja's London exhibition, The Iranian metal band Confess facing execution for their lyrics, the 36th anniversary of the Black Sabbath album, and, well, our usual weekly Tidal shenanigans. Finally, we do our opinion time, this week tackling "good for its time" albums and, on a related note, Metallica.
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Chimaira – Crown of Phantoms

Overall, this is a very satisfying and effective reinvention of Chimaira. Many bands before have endured similar changes and have failed in trying to reinvent themselves. Such is not the case with Chimaira. Everything on Crown of Phantoms is vaguely familiar yet strangely different, and those unfamiliar with Chimaira's drastic changes might not even notice it was an entirely different band. Chimaira have once again defied death and proved that they are a resilient force, one that even when faced with death, will persevere and become even more powerful. Heavy lies the Crown of Phantoms.
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Six Feet Under – Undead

To have received Undead mere hours after the end of 4/20 is one of fate's more recent and coincidental slip-ups, however it's probably for the best that I use a clear head to I descend into the most recent incarnation of the hazy and depraved world of Chris Barnes. For you see, Six Feet Under have been called a lot of things over the years --- not all of them positive --- and whilst it would be terribly easy to dismiss them in the face of the burgeoning number of fantastic new death metal acts out there, the new line-up (including past and present members of Daath, Chimaira and Brain Drill) is hard to ignore.