Welcome back to HPIHC! This week we have a very special guest! The guitarist of Daath, famed producer and now businessman Eyal Levi! He joins us this week to inform us about a lot of production-related questions we’be been discussing for a while, and also how he’s taken a step ahead of the paradigm by building his own service (Nail the Mix) and innovated the process of teaching people about production. Then, Eden and I go into our usual discussions about news, including Skuggsja‘s London exhibition, The Iranian metal band Confess facing execution for their lyrics, the 36th anniversary of the Black Sabbath album, and, well, our usual weekly Tidal shenanigans. Finally, we do our opinion time, this week tackling “good for its time” albums and, on a related note, Metallica.

Episode 17 – Mixing It Up With Eyal Levi

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Show notes:

Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN

Eyal Levi’s Nail The Mix
CreativeLIVE Recording Metal With Eyal Levi: A Bootcamp (w Monuments)
Drumforge ELE Expansion Pack

London By Norse

Metallica’s St. Anger Re-recorded (it’s actually great!)

…And Justice For All remixed with more bass



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