An Interview with Andy Marsh of Thy Art Is Murder

As you may have noticed, over the past month or so we’ve been interviewing a series of Australian artists, and we’ll continue to bring those to you this month. Today we’re lucky enough to be joined by Andy Marsh, guitarist in Australian deathcore outfit Thy Art is Murder. The band have been making waves on the international scene for some time now and are one of Australia’s more successful exports. Vocalist CJ McMahon has recently reunited with the band and a new record is on the way, so we spoke to Andy about that, their split EP with Fit For An Autopsy and The Acacia Strain (available here), Australia and more. Enjoy!
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Alterbeast – Immortal

Metal has become over-saturated with sound-alike bands writing music that copies their idols rather than creating something fresh. There are only so many notes that you can play on a guitar after all. Where Alterbeast have innovated, rather than imitated, is by picking and choosing the finer moments of technical death metal and interweaving them into a tapestry, splattered by the razor sharp elements of melodic death. Thus we have Immortal, their debut which will no doubt become a point of reference for countless acts of the future.