gabe-seeberAlterbeast is in the market for a new drummer. Details after the break.

Gabe Seeber has been busy in the last couple of years, holding down the drumming duties for both The Kennedy Veil and Alterbeast, two Sacramento-based death metal bands with critically acclaimed albums released in 2014. At the same time, Seeber found time to tour with Decrepit Birth.

Now Gabe is pulling the plug on his Alterbeast duties as announced earlier this week on Facebook.

As of today I am no longer in Alterbeast. My heart’s not in it anymore and unfortunately I won’t be able to move forward and continue touring for the foreseeable future, so I’m just gonna save everyone the headache and not prolong what needs to be done. I love the guys and I can’t thank them enough for the opportunities we had. I know success won’t be hard to achieve with this kind of potential, and I look forward to seeing how far Alterbeast can go.

I reached out to Gabe to ask him what this decision means for TKV.

The Kennedy Veil will hopefully be more active, but we’re working on getting a new van since ours broke down on our recent West Coast stint with Inanimate Existence, as well as a new line of merch. So people can expect at least some West Coast runs from us, as well as some new music.

Gabe also says he’ll be releasing new drum videos in late January or early February on his YouTube channel and hints at “positive news” coming soon about “some exciting collaborations.”  He’s also looking for session work.  If interested, e-mail him.

No word yet from Alterbeast about plans to recruit a new drummer.


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