163 – Bizarre Content

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast!This week, we have little content. Even less than usual. New music from After the Burial, Fractal Universe, Allegaeon, Masvidal, The Odious. Also Adam Neely on busking, the Vmbrella teaser, and cool people time with Jojo's Bizarre Adventure and Lancer. Enjoy!

After The Burial – Evergreen

There's something comforting and warm about good After the Burial albums. Maybe those aren't the first words that come to mind for many listeners, but it's undeniable that the band evokes a more personal response than the average metalcore act. This became even clearer when core member Justin Lowe passed away under tragic circumstances, which must have been a very heavy blow to the members. Many fans were invested in not just the music, but the people behind it. And it was undeniably felt when the first album after Justin's loss, Dig Deep, made his absence sting that much more. So Evergreen was the test of whether the band would continue to feel hollow, or recover and keep the memory alive. It's pretty safe to say, upon hearing it, that the band pass with flying colors.

The Anatomy Of: As Oceans

North Carolina is an underappreciated hotbed of talent in the American metal scene, where bands like Between the Buried and Me and Corrosion of Conformity, among many others, have come up to inform the progress... Read More...

112 – Digging Deep For That Rare Form

This week we do the promised Deep Segment on After the Burial! They're one of my favorite bands and I have a lot to say about them, so it takes quite a while. We dig into their career and talk about it all. We barely have time for news, but we do discuss a few items. Namely Avenged Sevenfold protesting the Grammys, Converge politely trolling a fan who disrupts their show, and Pestilence kinda accidentally releasing their album, maybe? Also cool people stuff - Eden finishes All the Birds in the Sky, I talk about the new J.K. Simmons series Counterpart, and Eden plays Subnautica. Enjoy!

The Sleeper – Apparatus

After a quiet 5 years, German progressive metal outfit The Sleeper have finally provided a follow-up to their debut 2013 album, Aurora. The band’s newest effort is a 6 track EP titled Apparatus, and it marks a ... Read More...