It’s that time again, boys and girls. Spencer here to bring you the latest in our exclusive streams series, where we work with bands, both big and small, and let you hear their new albums first! This time around, we’re covering progressive death metal band Alustrium, who have a new record due out tomorrow entitled A Tunnel To Eden. First thing’s first, let me just say that this album rips. Hard. It covers all the death metal basics but puts a really fun spin on it and covers some solid ground with technical riffing and heavy production. Check it out after the jump!

Are you done listening yet? Because we need to talk about how killer this stuff is. I’m a sucker for talented young bands, and this is one of them. It’s surprising to me that the band have not been snatched up by a major label yet. This is the kind of music that fans of ObscuraGojira, and even some Fallujah might enjoy, and you’d really be missing out on some serious musicianship if you didn’t get this record when it drops. The band is self releasing it through their Bandcamp, and you can pick it up at this location tomorrow! Seriously, help the guys out, and if you enjoy the stuff, buy it, because we need more bands like this in the world!



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