Thanks to their solid debut EP, hardcore/metalcore super group Mutoid Man has draw quite a bit of attention to their upcoming full-length debut Bleeder. Previous singles “Bridgeburner” (stream here) and Sweet Ivy (stream here) both show Steve Brodsky (Cave In) and Ben Koller (Converge) coming together with bassist Nick Cageao to pump out some infectious and intense slabs of noisy metalcore. A third single from the album – entitled “1000 Mile Stare” – has been released, and may be streamed after the jump:

While it may be an obvious observation due to Brodsky’s membership in the band, there is an undeniable Cave In vibe on this track, especially the band’s most recent work with White Silence. Additionally, there is a chaotic edge surrounding the entirety of the track, sometimes calling Converge to mind and at other moments channeling the bouncy meldoic approach of Torche. The glaring issue with this track is its brevity; it is no simple enough to warrant such a short run time. This does not necessarily affect the quality of the track, but it would have been nice to see the many great ideas in the track developed a bit further.

Regardless, the track is great, and should provide a good reason to pre-order the track here in advance of its June 30th release date through Sargent House.



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